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obscureidolon's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[04 Aug 2011|01:01am]
I can feel you on my skin.
I can taste you on my mind.

I haven't seen you in three fucking years.
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sassy. [30 Oct 2010|11:13am]
 pure sassafrass.
Everything tastes like molecules.
my pupils are still huge.

..... I work at two. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFff.
god, I'm so hungry. And erryone is asleep.
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dubstep ~ [12 Oct 2010|12:47pm]
 I put on some dubstep. And it totally reminded me of AZ.
:| Babycolors, Cynpes, Kerran, Kelsey, all gettin' crazy high and fuckin' shit up.

Ahhhhhhhh. :'c
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[11 Oct 2010|01:49pm]
 I feel like I need to go away for a while and just focus on me.

But how can I say this without offending you.
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whoa. [27 Sep 2010|10:51am]
 I start work tomorrow, at FYE, back in washington.

The only downfall is, I have this ridiculous runny nose, and I can't find the sudafed.
:| So, watching a dexter marathon.
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[25 Sep 2010|10:39am]
 so on tuesday, the 21, Chad, Lindsay, Robert, Britt and I, went and saw the best fucking band of all time; Katatonia # ___# needless to say it was fucking AWESOME. But I hate  El Corazon. So, Chad brought up the idea of seeing them in Portland, because seeing them once just wasn't enough (which I totally agreed with). And what did we do?

(: at fourthirty pm, we fucking drove to portland 8] Well, Chad drove with Booty, Britt and I cruisin' along (: I was fucking fascinated with this city, like holy crap. c: TWO STORY FRED MEYER WAS AWESOME. But, then we went and parked four blocks away from Hawthorne Theatre and rolled up, knowing what the fuck is up. At first, the place seemed super tiny, but hey, it was just like el corazon, hopefully the sound wasn't. We missed the first band (thank Odin 3 _3) and Brius bought me a Katatonia shirt, her a Swallow the sun shirt. Swallow the Sun played after the local portland thrash metal band, which shouldn't have been playing because this is a fucking doom show. And as usuall, Swallow was fucking EPIIIIIIIC. Those guys are awesome, seriously. After them was Orphaned Land, a metal band from Israel, I'm not to keen on them, then. Low and be fucking hold. Katatonia c: fucking beauuuutiful. The sound was AMAZING. oh my god, so much better than El Corazon. sometimes it felt like a sweatbox, but so fucking what, the most amazing band ever was playing, in my book. Needless to say, I was completely enthralled by Per "Sodomizer" Eriksson, the other live guitarist, he is fucking awesome. Him and Anders both. I think it's amazing, how Anders writes both guitars for the music, but he switches up the lead and rhythm between the two. :3

but anyway, pictures? (:Collapse )
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[02 Sep 2010|12:40pm]

I took this yesterday, with the little ray of sunshine that was blooming out, grey weather needs to come back. But thus, you see my ridiculous cowlick, my asymmetricallike bangs and look at that tiny as bead motherfuckers. c: haha.

Seeing Katatonia in 19 days. It hasn't hit me fullondoublerainbow yet, but I'm sure it will, soon.

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so I figured. [31 Aug 2010|05:13pm]
 I'd actually post the pictures of the babies :3 
They're shitty. ;D

"cuttopoo"><aCollapse )
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[23 Aug 2010|12:41pm]

here; you can kind of see little dread babies. fuh. I'll see about  trying to capture them later, if I remember.
My mind hurts.
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whoa [09 Aug 2010|02:33pm]
 it's august.
I have dreads now. I'm back in washington, living with my old friends.
Inhabiting my old pagan ways. 
Veganasfuck, we made a vegan potato salad last night, delish.

I don't have much to say :D
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[24 Apr 2010|06:01pm]
oh yeah; don'tfeellikeeditingmypost;


woo :3
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fffff. [23 May 2009|10:09pm]
I know I promised Ari I wouldn't.
> ___ < And, I'm really debating on doing a fauxhawk LAWL.
basically, lesbian mullet, but less mullety 8D
No but really. > ___ < 

:3 thoughts? !!!

D: ugh. Tomorrow = family bbq. fuck my life D8

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Homosexuality is immoral. [03 Mar 2009|01:32pm]
I just thought I'd share that today, at my college there is a public lecture on

how homosexuality isn't moral.

REALLY? I mean honestly. What. the Fuck.
This is one of the most STUPID things I've ever heard my ENTIRE LIFE.
It's like fucking 1920's all over again but instead of gays it's black people.
I'm so speechless right now D: It just, kills me.

What are all of your thoughts on this? :C

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That was the strangest reaction. [10 Jan 2009|08:18pm]
Seriously. That reaction was NOT at all what I expected.

My step mom and I were in the car going to my work so I could get my check and we could talk to at & t about possibly switching plans [from tmobile to at&t] and I was just like "8D HAY. I'M GOIN ON VACAYSHUNZ" lul. Like, my stepmom was chill with everything in the car and just asked me details. But, then we came home and she told my dad [which is completely reasonable] and apparently, he was not happy. It wasn't the fact that I was going to New York, it was the fact that I hadn't told them what was going on and it made him feel like an asshole because he didn't know what was going on.

All in all, I am fucking confused.Seriously. I apologized and told him that I was sorry, I didn't think it really mattered, I mean, shit. I'm used to living with my mom. Where I do whatever I want, whenever I can. I don't tell her shit. But I have to remember, My dad is not like my mother. No one is [thankfuckinggod].

Oh and this bullshit, so Amber [Ari's ex] was like "I'm gonna punch leech in her ugly face" when Ari told me that. I fucking laughed, so hard. I would like to see her try. But hey, :] whatever. Stupid 15 year old girls [not Ari].

Blar :3 I put rings in again. Let's see how long this lasts 8D

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[08 Jan 2009|02:47pm]
Oh man. So. :3 winter quarter started. And I really was just like "ugh, ew. school no."
But to be honest, I really am enjoying it so far :3

I fucking love Thom. He cracks me up, so fucking much. Holy crap. Best instructor ever, especially at 8 am :3
Dr. Berger makes me think If I was an older man 8D and Dr. Walker is a little strange but she knows what she's talking about : D
~! ^ ____ ^ oh; for those of you who don't know I'm talking 2 Dimensional Design [8-950] Science Fiction and Fantasy lit and Medieval and Renaissance Lit.
rofl. : D english, sup? X3

^ ____ ^ I SEE ARI IN 8 DAYS <333
I'm so off my rocker :D
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Guess what. [03 Jan 2009|12:13pm]
I just fucking bought my plane ticket.
Excuse me while I squeal like a little girl and piss everywhere <3.
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newyearwut. [02 Jan 2009|11:49am]
I'm so fucking excited for 2oo9 ^ _____ ^
It will be rampant with Ari. And nothing could get better.

I really don't want to start college. Ugh. I need to get my books this weekend.
Since classes start the fifth.
Fuck this shiiiit D:
My hair, is getting so long; but I don't feel like cutting it :3

: D oh my god. Ylana bought me the Kawaii Not book.
IT IS SO FUCKING  CUTE. Holy crap. Almost as cute as Ari :D
and I watched Pride and Prejudice last night, which made me smile like a ridiculous idiot.
You know it's love when you get teary eyed bb. :'DDD haha.

:3 <3. Things. Are great, son.

btw; I didn't realize I posted on the 23; rofl. :D

:x It's huge. Even if it's 1050 a month D:
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Would it still the same? [01 Jan 2009|10:09am]
I haven't really been updating, have I ? XD
Well; about a week or so ago. My mom decided to inform me [after I confronted her about it] that she would not be paying for my plane ticket to new york. :D THANKS MOM. and then told me she didn't want to talk to me anymore. [shrug] But when I went over to my grandma's my mom was there, and fucking acted like nothing happened and bought me some shirts.
What. the. fuck. I want to rip her apart. So badly.
But jail doesn't seem like a good idea.

I pulled a 39 hour week during christmas. Which was super, especially for going to see ari :]
And I put it off til the weekend after [the 16] so I would for sure have enough money.
Hopefully I'll be buying my ticket tomorrow. :] I'm so excited.
2009. It just feels awesome.

:x but. TO WORK WE GOOOOO. haha.

[: oh. And the solstice party. Ho shit. Met two gorgeous dykes/birls. Man. They were gorgeous.

and to start everything right.

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[23 Dec 2008|08:30pm]
Are you fucking serious.
So; I haven't talked to my mom for like a month, like I attempted to, but she would never pick up or call me back, so I texted her && she texted me back saying that she wasn't going to be buying my ticket to New York and she didn't want to talk to me.

You know, I should have seen this coming.
After all, she is such a W O N D E R F U L mother.

Merry christmas leech :3
WOO. I can't fucking wait for these holidays to be over :]

and to top it all off, I've worked six days in a row, 8 hour shifts.
Thanks Lizzie for quitting 38>
But, maybe I'll be able to afford buying my ticket now.
I am going to talk to my dad; I hope, I really hope, nothing else bad happens D:

shit's hitting the roof, guise D:
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[13 Dec 2008|09:42pm]
kerlsmd.. 8 hour work days.
Are fucking ridiculous. But at least it's been busy.
But let me tell you, this, not being able to talk to Ari business.
Is, not very nice :c I haven't talked to her since wednesday.
I really, fucking miss her.
I don't think you guys realize, what being in love for me iiiiiiiis D:

Ugh. I think I'm going to go to bed shortly after this :/

- L.

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